The Cambodia Coast: a still preserved treasure


The Cambodia Coast: a still preserved treasure

Many people don’t even know that Cambodia offers luxurious and idyllic islands and that the numerous cities located on the coast propose a wide range of activities for all kinds of budgets and desires.

In fact, Cambodia appears to be the perfect destination for families, adventure lovers, leisure addicts and people interested in Khmer culture. You can easily spend one week discovering the beauties of Kep, Kampot, Sihanoukville or even Koh Kong.

Kep was the perfect seaside resort during the French Protectorate and is still a great spot for relaxing and enjoying the sun away from the crowded Siem Reap. It will also be the occasion to discover the National Park of Kep and the surrounding islands. But the main attraction of Kep remains the famous Crab Market, where you will be able to try the crab and the delicious seafood Cambodia has to offer. Kep also has incredible landscapes thanks to the beach, the close salt fields, the national park, and it will be the occasion to discover it, why not by horse! This area will also fill the children needs, thanks to the islands, the butterfly farm, and the various activities.

30 minutes from here we find Kampot, a small but yet living city with a nice colonial architecture. Nowadays it is perhaps the most multicultural city, where many expats are living and making alive this city, working with Khmer people. This city is living with the rhythm of the river, which allows many activities such as kayak, sunset cruises, boat trips. It is perfect for both families, groups of friends and fun activities lovers. But it is as well a great city of culture, and Kampot is definitely worth a walk around just to have a look at this specific architecture and unique feeling.

To show you that Cambodian coast is very complete, let’s move to Sihanoukville, located 2 hours from Kampot and 3 hours from Phnom Penh. Besides the fact that this city has the reputation of being a backpacker destination, Sihanoukville also offers the most beautiful islands of Cambodia, such as Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. Compared to Thailand, where idyllic beaches are famous, Cambodia gives you the chance to enjoy those places as a privileged person, as they are still preserved from mass tourism. But Sihanoukville also offers the possibility to have fun for families, friends or even groups, thanks to outside activities like quad, buggy, boat trips or horse riding.


And last but not least, the Cambodia Coast hosts the marvelous city of Koh Kong, located at the edge of the Cardamoms mountains. This area is very clean, preserved from tourism and is a real green cocoon. Here you will be able to contemplate the beautiful nature of Cambodia, to spend a great time doing kayak, mountain climbing, or just relaxing in Koh Kong or the neighbor area of Tatai. Some great hotels even offer you the possibility to sleep on the riverside.

Cambodia has much more to offer than just temples, it is also a great destination to enjoy its beautiful sun, its warm water and its crystal-clear waters, all escorted by friendly and helpful Khmer people.


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